Chris McAllister

Host of The Landlord Profitability Playbook Podcast

Chris McAllister is a licensed real estate broker in Ohio and Florida. He is the founder of ROOST Real Estate Co. a full service residential real estate sales and property management company.

Chris started investing in residential real estate in 2001. He quickly assembled a sizable portfolio of rental properties and then lost everything during the great recession of 2008 and 2009.

Chris learned from his mistakes and started investing again in 2010. Since then he has built a profitable portfolio from literally nothing. Chris is eager to share his experience in hopes that others may learn from both his mistakes and successes.

Chris's passion is creating and coaching business opportunities and strategies that support and add value to the lives of real estate investors.

Chris is the author of several books on the real estate brokerage business and real estate investing. Check out Chris's Amazon author page at

Chris McAllister has hosted nine Episodes.